The Boardroom

I have always felt most at home in the boardroom.

The boardroom is a place of collaboration and communication. It is a space full of growth and ideas like the corporate version of a garden. A well run boardroom meeting is a magical thing. It all starts with the agenda: a list of problems to be solved together in this special place at this specific time. Each person gets a chance to speak and add their thoughts. Collective collaboration and creativity spread like wild fire. One person’s idea sparks conversation. Another person is able to build upon it, and a whole new concept can be birthed. After you have gone through the agenda, something even more magical happens. Instead of the original set of problems you came in with, you leave with solutions.

I believe communication is absolutely vital. Without communication, this type of boardroom magic can’t happen.

It has been several years since I left my corporate life, and the entrepreneurs I coach now use different (often online) spaces for their collaborative creativity and problem solving. Their communication challenges, however, fall into three VERY familiar categories. Some struggle with their mental and spiritual health, some with their attitude and choices, and some with their limiting beliefs about what they can offer their clients and the world. I help these beautiful souls reconnect with themselves, choose gratitude and joy, and recognize their true selves as essential to their business offerings.

When these three connections (self, universe, and business) are healed, communication becomes easier, and their magic returns.

Have you lost your sense of self?

Do you feel surrounded by chaos?

Looking for inspiration and guidance?

Meet women who are bringing their true selves to everything they do.

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